1. What is the differentiation that JD Financial Services brings to Indian SMEs?

      Since its inception,JD Financial Services has aimed to be a one-stop financial services centre. With businesses spread across Corporate Finance, Retail Finance, Rural Finance, Distribution and Broking, Wealth Management, Investment Banking and Private Equity, JFDS is in a unique position to offer all services required by Indian SMEs along with their stakeholders – employees, suppliers, customers etc.

    2. How are loan applications evaluated?

      JD Financial Sevices does not solely look at availability of collateral as a precursor to sanctions. Instead, JD Financial Services will examine the viability of our potential customer’s business proposal based on capacity and commitment to pay, while observing sound banking practices and standards as dictated by regulators and in spirit with our internal code of conduct.

    3. How are SMEs classified in JD Financial Services?

      Though there are many interpretations of the term SME,JD Financial Services follows a practical approach and targets 3 sets of customers based on the turnover profile – tiny companies, small and medium enterprises and mid-size companies.

    4. Is there a focus on business advisory services?

      JD Financial Services believes that an end-to-end advisory system which supports the business development and knowledge needs of SMEs becomes an effective risk management tool, both for the SME customers and JD Financial Services. Such an approach enables JD Financial Services to identify problems before they occur, and ensures quick remediation of problems and continued growth of our customers.

    5. Is JD Financial Services looking at any specific types of customers?

      No. JD Financial Services is not looking at customers in specific sectors or locations.

    6. Does JD Financial Services work with other financial and non-financial institutions?

      To meet all needs of our customers, JD Financial Services will require a full spectrum of products and services. However when a situation arises that the same are not available due to regulatory or other constraints, we collaborate with other financial and non-financial agencies or associations as a part of our overall operational strategy to become a one-stop solutions provider.